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  • Chinese Journal of Chromatography (Monthly,Started in 1984)


    Superintended by China Association for Science and Technology

    Sponsored by Chinese Chemical Society; Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, CAS

    Undertaken by  National Chromatographic R. & A. Center

    Published by the Science Press


    Editor-in-Chief ZHANG Yukui

    ISSN 1000-8713

    CN 21-1185/O6


    Domestic Issue code number 8-43

    International Issue code number DK21010


    Chinese Journal of Chromatography is the only professional journal in China dedicated to report the research on the basic and applied theories in chromatographic area. It attaches more importance on the front-line subjects, up-to-date developments and achievements in chromatographic research and its related areas. It serves to introduce the applications of chromatographic theories and technologies in various sectors. Contributions consist mainly of research papers dealing with chromatographic and electrophoresis theories, instrumental developments and their analytical and preparative applications in life science; pharmaceutical research and biotechnology; organic chemistry and chemical engineering; environmental and homeland security; food analysis and safety; material science; medicinal chemistry; systems biology; natural products; etc. The journal is published in Chinese language, with detailed abstracts, key words, the titles and contents of figures and tables provided in English. The main columns in this journal include “Articles”, “Reviews”, “Mini-reviews”, “Technical notes”, “Special Dedication” and “Highlights”.


    Chinese Journal of Chromatography covered by following services: Medline, Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI), Chemical Abstracts (USA) (CA), Cambridge Science Abstract (USA) (CSA), Abstract Journals (Russia) (AJ), Analytical Abstracts (UK) (AA), Index Medicus (USA) (IM),Index Copernicus (Poland) (IC), Japan Information Center of Science and Technology (JICST), Chemical Hazards in Industry (CHI), Mass Spectrometry Bulletin (Supplemental) (MSB-S) and Scopus.


    Chinese Journal of Chromatography has been successively assessed as the Chinese Core Journal of Chemistry Category for many years, and was awarded second prize as 2000 Excellent Journal in Chinese Academy of Science. It is one of the journals to be assessed as the Sources for Statistics and Analysis of Chinese Scientific and Technical Articles. It is collected by the Chinese Science Citation Database, the Chinese Academy Journal Synthesis Evaluation Database, the Chinese Academic Journal (CD) and the Chinese Journal Net, Digital Periodical Cluster of ChinaInfo. It is abstracted by the Abstracts of Chinese Academic Journal.  

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